About Jessa


Welcome to Gillywing! My name is Jessa and I am a 7-12 English teacher. My career means the world to me, so you will sometimes notice that I'm a little behind on my blogging schedule as I'm taking extra time on things at work.

I entered the world of blogging in August 2016 with my book blog, Ms. J Mentions..., which I am still running and loving today. Please stop by at any time if you are looking for a good book!

Recently, I made the decision to turn my Etsy shop from a pipe dream to a priority. You can find the Gillywing Creates shop here. The mission of Gillywing Creates is to provide women with a wide assortment of knit and crochet accessories to increase self-esteem and confidence. I truly believe that all women are strong women and that each woman should e able to showcase her particular brand of strength. 

Please feel free to email or comment. I love to meet new people!


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