Sunday, July 16, 2017

Supply Cabinet: For the Love of Red Heart

Welcome to Crafters' Anonymous.  My name is Jessa, and it's been approximately five seconds since I last knit anything.  I am not here to quit.  I am here to tell you about the supplies I have come to know and love-one Sunday at a time.

This week, I want to take a good look at Red Heart Super Saver Yarn.  I know, I know, it's cheap.  It's acrylic.  It can be scratchy.  It's really not the fanciest stuff in the world.  HOWEVER I don't think I would have ever gotten into knitting or crocheting without it.  

Let's look at all of those "cons" in a more positive light.

1. It's cheap.  OK, so it's bad to save money?  What I love about the cost is that I can buy several skeins for a little bit of money.  This means that I can practice and screw up and not feel like I'm out a ton of money.  Additionally, when I knit for my nieces and nephews, I don't need to worry about allergies as much.  And, as any auntie knows, kids can be messy.  This brings me to my second point.

2.  It is acrylic.  In other words, if my niece or nephew pukes on it, drops it in the mud, feeds it, spills food on it, spills pop on it, etc.  I just shove it in the washer and dryer and it's good to go for another round.  It's not that easy with wool, angora, or alpaca.  Save that yarn to make the things they love in something fancier when they are old enough to properly care for it.  

3. It can be scratchy.  Notice that I didn't make a guarantee that it will be scratchy every time you work with it.  In my experience, a little bit of fabric softener can go a LONG way.  If you would rather soften it up a bit before you work with it, you can find several resources on Pinterest about how to wash it before using.  Though I have never done these personally, they are out there! 

I would definitely suggest anyone who is new to knitting or crocheting try to work with Red Heart Super Saver.  It's an excellent way to start without the fear of destroying precious natural fibers.

Let's Chat
Do you use Red Heart Super Saver?  What do you think of it?  Have you stayed far away from it?  What is your favorite yarn to work with?

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