Saturday, July 22, 2017

Where I've Been...And Where I Am Now

Hey guys!

What a week!  I had all of these wonderful things I wanted to post and never had the time!  I've been so busy trying to get everything ready for my shop so that I can be sure the shelves are stocked for all of you!  And in the midst of all that, I was helping family, bringing the dog to the vet, supporting my man with his new job, and sleeping. All of this while still working on my book blog and preparing for the upcoming school year.

FINALLY, things are slowing down!  I HAVE MY GORRAM LIFE BACK!

It wasn't all bad though, in the midst of all this I was able to get my new desk set up.  I now have one table dedicated to my school work and book blogging and another one for my crafting.  This is especially wonderful as it sounds like our family of four may be expanding to at least six.  No, I'm not pregnant.  We're just talking about getting a betta fish and a kitten.

Anyway, I'm really excited to share some pictures of my now mostly set up studio!  Enjoy the gallery below.

Hi!  I'm Cathryn, I'll be your tour guide today.  See that Q-Tip?  Mom's taken it away five times today.  HA!

That's Mom's chair and a few of her books.  She only has four bookshelves right now.  So, there's a towering wall of boxes you won't get to see.

More of Mom's desk. She likes those plants.  I hate them.  I can't sit on the window sill!

More of her desk and those danged plants!

Mom's knitting table.  Yorick is watching over from above, and I'm down below.
You can see all of Mom's work books here.  She gets mad when I bite them.
And that's the majority of the studio.  I know it's pretty messy at the moment.  Like Cathryn said, I have a wall of boxes filled with books that need to be shelved.  I also have a closet filled with tubs of yarn.

Until next time, take care!

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